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Hi, I'm Halyn-Simone Neveah!

“Technology is knowledge learned and applied to make all your dreams turn BLOO”


What is so special about Halyn-Simone is not the fact she is considered a genius, it is her desire to use her imagination and knowledge to create technology to make the world a better place, especially for her family.

Halyn-Simone’s aspiration is to challenge her innovative technical capability to problem solve work through challenges. To help her achieve this, Halyn-Simone uses her father’s home lab to design and build a group of drone devices who are interconnected through an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning system she named BLOO (Biotechnic Learning Organizational and Operational helpers). As her little assistants, the BLOO drones have literally helped Halyn-Simone accomplish the task and build things beyond the physical capability of a young girl.  Hayln-Simone’s abilities are unique for a very young child.

Halyn-Simone loves her family very much. She admires her Sister Chelsea, adores her Mother Naajia, and desires to be an Engineer just like her Father Quadray. 

Hi, I'm Halyn's Father!

Quadray Neveah

“A genius is a person who realizes their God given gifts and nourishes those abilities to add to the overall advancement of mankind”

Halyn-Simone’s inspiration for her love of technology is her Daddy.  Quadray Neveah is a well-respected Technology Innovator in his own right; working for one of the largest United States Department of Defense technology contractors in our country as a Principle Engineer in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Very focused, intense in his work and keen on education, Quadray has an equal passion in loving and protecting his family.

Hi, I'm Halyn's Mother!

Dr. Naajia Mekeda Neveah

“Life is a journey so make sure you get a good seat cause your on for the ride no matter what."

Practical in her ways and gentle in her delivery, Dr. Naajia Neveah is a scholar and well educated lady. Naajia loves to spend time with her family, including traveling all over the world sharing new experiences. A Doctor of Education in Special Education, Naajia choose to become a school teacher so she could be in direct line with helping children achieve educational excellence.  

Hi, I'm Halyn's Sister!

Chelsea Neveah

“I woke up to make this day
beautiful for everyone”

Chelsea‘s favorite quote is “I know as much as you know. Mine is better than yours”. Chelsea’s confidence originates from the strength of her family, who she loves dearly.  Chelsea may be what you consider to be a typical teenage girl from her appearance and out-going nature, but at her core is a very caring and spiritual young lady. Chelsea is a cheerleader, dancer, plays lacrosse, and is a part of the GWC (Girls with Class) club.

Niles Octavian

“Nothing is beyond your ability if you
have the desire to achieve”

Niles favorite saying describes him perfectly, “It begins in your mind”.  The center of Niles is thought, as he spends most of his time thinking about new ways to improve upon what he has done before. Niles is by far the most innovative and self-educated young man of his time. Since he was a little kid, Niles has loved inventing things and applying science to problems in his life in order to improve his overall experiencein living. Niles is well known in High school for many of his innovations has been demonstrated with great success and colossal failures. His family consist of him and his Father who works very hard to provide for Niles and fund his innovative passions. A passion that will generate something the world has never seen or experienced before something REDD.

*Niles is a close friend to the Neveah family, and another prodigy of Quadray.

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